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The International Space Station
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Peter J. Shield PhD, ARP

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Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD, a 20 year veteran of the timeshare industry has been approached by a serious group of international investors to explore the possibility of an 'orbiting timeshare' which would allow families to spend a week in outer space, 210 miles above the earth, similar in concept to the present international orbiting Space Station. If such a project were even feasible, it would take at least 10 to 20 years to complete the development. Already private corporations are finalizing space craft that will enable the public to venture into space like Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic - you can visit Virgin's site by following the links below. A few private individuals have already made the journey with the aid of the Russians, at a cost well beyond the reach of most of us.For an amazing look at the present 'orbiting timeshare' simply click on the link below.

Visit the Space Station
click on this picture to visit the International Space Station

                          In fact the International Space Station is a "Timeshare" project!

Here are just some of the amazing facts:

The International Space Station is a large, inhabited Earth satellite that more than 15 nations are building in space. The first part of the station was launched in 1998, and the first full-time crew -- one American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts -- occupied the station in 2000.
The International Space Station orbits Earth at an altitude of about 250 miles (400 kilometers). The orbit extends from 52 degrees north latitude to 52 degrees south latitude. The station will include about eight large cylindrical sections called modules. Each module is being launched from Earth separately, and astronauts and cosmonauts are connecting the sections in space. Eight solar panels will supply more than 100 kilowatts of electric power to the station. (Enough power for approximately 50 or more homes!) 
The panels are being mounted on a metal framework 360 feet (109 meters) long.
The International Space Station will function as an observatory, laboratory, and workshop. Astronauts and cosmonauts will live and work in cylindrical modules, and solar panels will furnish electric power.
On completion the accommodation will be equivalent to a 5 bedroom home!

According to NASA, the International Space Station has been designed to operate for at least 15 years however experts state that it could last for decades if parts are repaired and replaced as they wear out or are damaged.

My thanks to the following for much of this information:

Oberg, James. "International Space Station." World Book Online Reference Center. 2005. World Book, Inc. http://www.worldbookonline.com/wb/Article?id=ar279523.

Click on the following link to visit the space station's new 'window on the world'


Virgin Galactic' Space Craft
Visit Virgin Galactic's web site and book your flight!

"Book your place in space now and join around 250 Virgin Galactic astronauts who will venture into space.

Tickets cost $200,000 and deposits start from $20,000. If you are interested in discussing your reservation with us directly please fill in the booking form and we will be in touch as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.  Virgin Galactic Mission Control"

Sir Richard Branson

Dr. Shield's recent book "Timeshare...you bought What?" examines the timeshare concept from the perspective of an owner, perspective owner and a timeshare professional, and has been widely acclaimed by the industry. A retired archaeologist and broadcaster, Peter lectures on a number of subjects including space travel and the possibility of alien visitations as recorded on archaeological sites around the world.

Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD

Dr. John Peters is the hero of my historic fiction "In The Image Of His God - the curse of the Shroud".  You may visit the web site for my books (http://pjshield.com)  by clicking on my image here.

Dr. Shield has published 6 books to date and PublishAmerica, the nations largest book publisher has contracted to publish Peter's first children's book titled "Don Quixote and the Windmills" (http://picturethedifference.com)

He is also the featured travel writer for Associated Content. You may read Dr. Shield's many articles by following the link opposite.

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